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The Little Language Hero: Become It!

The Little Language Hero Can you remember a time, when someone did something, that inspired you to keep going, to be where and who you are now? Let’s be clear fellow language learners… your  actions inspire others. You’re about to embark on an adventure with an ant and its colony.  Together, you’ll discover that the […]

Real Second Language Fluency: Moving from beginner through the essential “Threshold” conversational level

Real Second Language Fluency: Moving from beginner through the essential “Threshold” conversational level Threshold Level The foremost concern of many beginning language learners is conversational fluency. Consequently, educators are approached by students with questions such as: “how can I take what I have learned on paper and apply it to real-life situations?” Similar concerns are […]

The Real Advantages To Online Language Learning and You

The real advantages to online language learning and you  (Part 1) The real advantages to online Second Language Acquisition (SLA) are the multitude of resources available.  Any where from rock bottom free to high priced online software programs that allow for speech recognition. So what is the best approach? Well, it depends. First, what is […]

How important is a “good” Spanish accent?

A2B2 Quite often I begin with the answer to a nonspecific question with the following: “It depends.” And so it does especially in regard to spoken language accents. For starters, one must recognize that even a native speaker from one distinct region will sound quite different than a native speaker from that same country who […]

What is keeping you from speaking Spanish?

A2B2 What is keeping you from speaking Spanish? Simply put, NOTHING IS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM LIVING YOUR BILINGUAL DREAM! That was easy enough right? Each one of us can do what we want anytime we want to do it. “It’s not what you do that matters, it’s how you do what you do!” And […]

Top Secrets To Learn Spanish: The 4 And A Half Essentials [Infographic]

Having trouble learning Spanish? Learning a second language doesn’t come easy for everyone. But it’s not an impossible thing to achieve. When learning Spanish or any new language, it’s important to understand the cornerstones that contribute to acquisition of second language. These are comprehensive input, high frequency words, aural repetitions of interesting stories, and shadowing. […]

Spanish Phonology

The phonology of a language is defined as the study of the systematic organization of sounds in that language. Because of its Latin roots, Spanish shares a number of phonological characteristics with other Romance languages, with some distinct variations. Of particular interest is the acquisition of the ability to distinguish between particular phonological sounds when […]