Top Secrets To Learn Spanish: The 4 And A Half Essentials [Infographic]

Having trouble learning Spanish? Learning a second language doesn’t come easy for everyone. But it’s not an impossible thing to achieve. When learning Spanish or any new language, it’s important to understand the cornerstones that contribute to acquisition of second language. These are comprehensive input, high frequency words, aural repetitions of interesting stories, and shadowing. Take a closer look at these important aspects that will help you in learning Spanish successfully:

  1. Comprehensive input – This basically refers to comprehending the words and sentences you hear. Learn to understand what is being said to you, so you can get closer to success. The more words and sentences you understand, the easier it is for you to fully learn the language.
  2. High-frequency words – Your best bet is at starting with words that are commonly used. Think of the 20/80 rule which states that 20% of words make up 80% of spoken language. So if you learn to understand these most commonly used words, you’ll be on your way to understanding the rest of the language.
  3. Aural repetitions of interesting stories – Listen to people speaking and visualize the situation described in the speech. You can then learn how to repeat the story and retell it to other people.
  4. Shadowing – Active mental processing is essential for success in second language learning. It’s important to mentally or verbally repeat what you hear. This can engage your mind at a deeper level and help you comprehend the language even better.


Additional ways for learning Spanish

In addition to the key aspects mentioned above, it’s also necessary that you follow some other steps that are essential for learning anything. For instance, practice a little bit of it every day. This will help you gain fluency in the language and keep your mind alert in processing it.

Think about the prospective rewards you will get from learning the language. Maybe it will help you secure a better job or maybe it’ll open up prospects for you to make more money. This will motivate you to learn it. This doesn’t just apply to Spanish or other languages; it applies to everything else. Check out the infographic on Top Secrets to Learn Spanish: The 4 and a Half Essentials to learn more.

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