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Hola Amigos,

My name is Mark “Marko” Sanden.  Sign Up Now!

I have 25 years of experience of language teaching in both English and Spanish in various arenas including one to one tutoring, and in public and private schools.

I have helped students from elementary school age through adults to successfully acquire second language learning skills. Being Bilingual English/Spanish continues to be an integral part of my life allowing me to travel, work and play.

I have learned that grammar based teaching does not translate to oral proficiency which is what most students want but did not receive in traditional school instruction.

Through my own research on second language acquisition (SLA) including educational training, seminars, books, and on-line forums I believe that the format presented through Fluency Fox is the most effective method of second language acquisition specifically for upper beginner (A2) through the Threshold intermediate (B1) levels.

The Threshold (B1) really is the doorway to joining the conversation with native speakers. There is always more to learn in every language but learning enough to be solidly in the intermediate level will bring you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in understanding and speaking Spanish with a new level of confidence that you can build on for a lifetime.

I have experienced first-hand language learning in my ability to learn Spanish as a second language to a native-like proficiency level. I have progressed from knowing no Spanish as a child to a level of Spanish language competency that allowed me to gain my B.A. in Spanish Language. I then, continued on to complete a certified court interpreting program and pass the California State Certification for Court Interpreters written exam. Additionally, I have passed the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) levels I,II, and III in Spanish competency.

Iʼve heard the statement/complaint, “Iʼve taken Spanish (or English) for a few years but I canʼt really speak it at all.” As a language teacher this has always created a conflict for me, both because of the truth of the statement and because I believe this can be overcome.

Thatʼs why Iʼve created www.fluencyfox.com

Take the Spanish you’ve learned and make it the Spanish you’ve always wanted! Join the Conversation!