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Fluency Fox hears, “I used to think I could understand a lot of Spanish but just couldn’t speak it. Now, after Fluency Fox I can confidently do both!”

Señor  Fox
Señor Fox

“I very much regretted losing the familiarity with Spanish that I once had. I was never fluent, but as the years passed I really lost whatever competence I’d had. That said, I questioned my commitment and whether I’d follow through with any Spanish language program. Fluency Fox turned out to be the perfect answer for me! It’s fun. It’s convenient. I set daily goals for myself, but before long I was racing ahead. Now, I look for opportunities for Spanish conversations!”

Peggy DeVoy
Peggy DeVoyChild Welfare Consultant

“Like so many, my high school Spanish got rusty. I could still pick out a few words in writing, but my accent had never been good enough for me to feel comfortable speaking it. Fluency Fox has helped me feel more confident than I ever have before using my Spanish. Marko’s approach really works!”

Nancy Raulston

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