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Speak Spanish and they will come.

A2B2 Speak Spanish and they will come. Let’s imagine, You just encountered a native speaker and the circumstances were right so you tried out some phrase you had learned along the way and it went off pretty well. Now, if you are like most of us you want that phrase and that experience to carry […]

Why have you failed to learn to speak Spanish?

A2B2 Why have you failed to learn to speak Spanish? The main reason most people fail to speak Spanish is very simple. Most Spanish instruction is based on a grammar approach and not geared towards conversational Spanish. Let’s look at the facts. The vast majority of people that have studied Spanish only a small fraction […]

The Best 3 Ways To Learn Spanish

A2B2 The Best 3 Ways To Learn Spanish The first way to learn Spanish is to live in a Spanish speaking country. 2.   The second best way is to find a partner that speaks the language you want to learn. 3.   The third way is . . .  to do what most of […]

Verb Conjugation 102

A2B2 Spanish Verb Conjugation: 102 Understanding verb conjugation can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Verb conjugation is the process of taking the base form of a verb which is the simplest form of a verb, without a special ending (or suffix). It’s the form that appears in dictionary […]

Language Learning: Return on Investment

A2B2 (Fluency Fox Adv. Beginner through Intermediate Conversational Spanish)    Get A Return On Your Spanish Language Investment 12 years (or however long) ago you received a B+ ( or an A or maybe even a C-) in high school Spanish 2. You met your graduation requirements and that was it.  No more Spanish vocabulary […]

Learning a Foreign Language and Using Social Media

Learning a foreign language and using social media to help streamline conversation With so many resources available online to connect and share in the language of your choice, where should you begin? Well, that depends. Normally the goal of your communication would be Priority One.  That said, to get the most out of any communication, […]

Base Knowledge: Language Learning Essentials

Foreign Language at a glance: Just start speaking or study first? I just read a blog about a course designed for the”shy/introvert” personality and how that relates and helps to approaching using a new language (if that’s your personality type).  Obviously, there is a spectrum between introvert and extrovert.  That said, the most important starting […]