The Best 3 Ways To Learn Spanish


The Best 3 Ways To Learn Spanish

  1. The first way to learn Spanish is to live in a Spanish speaking country.

2.   The second best way is to find a partner that speaks the language you want to learn.

3.   The third way is . . .  to do what most of us have to do in the beginning.  Go to some kind of school.

The problem with the third way is that we most likely thought it would be “cool” to learn another language but in reality it didn’t work out quite as we would have hoped.

Just like almost everything, we think at the on set of the endeavor: we are going to start something and in no time at all we will finish what we set out to do and go on to the next thing.

Well, that’s about half of what happens.

We do move on to the next thing. 

Say exactly what you mean Spanish lesson and motivationThe problem is that, we didn’t always accomplish what we started out to accomplish before we moved on to the next “thing”.

That said,  it just doesn’t matter.

We can always pick up from where we left off.

I will state it once more, Recall of Memory.

Let’s say that after numerous attempts at creating the light bulb, we fail at each attempt.

Does that mean that it cannot be done?


It means that we are in the process of finding the path that will lead us to the light. (so to speak)

What we can do on a daily basis is continue to strive to be a bit more than we were yesterday.

That is not to be taken lightly.  There is something noble to not only wishing upon a star, but actually holding that vision long enough to reach out and touch it.

Can you remember the last time you wanted to express yourself in a conversation but just could not find the words.

Let’s face it, that happens in any language we might be fluent in speaking.

Now the issue becomes, What do we say in either language that communicates what we feel?

The answer is simple.  It’s not the language of words that we speak.  It is the language of the heart and mind that carries us through.

As my most trusted Spanish resource through out the years has boldly typed on its cover:

“Say it in Spanish

Say it in English, but . . .

Say exactly what you mean.”

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