Technology is making Learning Spanish obsolete

Hola Amigos,

So, yesterday I was talking to mi hermano and he said he doesn’t need to learn Spanish.

He said that those days are over.

Spanish fluency for him is already attainable.

Being that he’s mi hermano and only finished high school Spanish 2 with a B,  I  just had to ask what he was talking about.

According to mi hermano, Pocket translators are now becoming the new Babble Fish.

If any of you remember the book, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, you probably known about the Babble Fish. 

If not, a Babble Fish. is a fish/device that goes in your ear and translates any language that someone is speaking so that you are able to understand it.

I mean I love Sci Fi. if for nothing else it takes me on adventurous travels so of course, I wish that were true as I’ve always wanted a Babble Fish of my own.

I really do.

For any of us that have put in some effort to learn to understand and speak another language, we know that attaining any degree of fluency takes WORK.


Who wouldn’t want to by pass all hours memorizing the vocabulary lists and grammar rules, etcetera. 

I would.  I would love to understand all the languages of the world and have all the people I encounter on a daily basis be able to understand me.

That’s a linguists dream come true.  Maybe everyone’s dream in fact.

Come on, he’s mi hermano mayor/older.  I’m suppose to believe him.

The problem is. . .

Technology just hasn’t come that far yet.

Think of Google Translate.  Google is one of the biggest informational technology (IT) companies in the world.

Sure they do a decent job of translating some simple text, however, have you ever tried to rely on one of those translations to complete a business transaction?

If so, I hope it was a penny purchase.  (Just saying.)

On the spot I asked mi hermano to slap down a twenty on how close he could come to correctly translating a Pablo Nerudo poem, but he wisely declined.

That’s probably because I told him that if he lost, and the translation didn’t make much sense to either of us, he would have to send his wife that exact translation as his next anniversary card message. 

But here’s the thing.

Maybe some day there will be major improvements to translation software, and I fully believe there will be.  (Let’s face it, it has come along way and in a pinch, it can help big time.)

But there is something more that needs to be taken into consideration, and this goes to the heart of the matter.

The technology just isn’t reliable enough yet.

But, if you put in 10 minutes of consistent effort a day with Fluency Fox, in as little as 2 to 3 months you will be able to make your way with Spanish speakers on your own.

No batteries required.

Needless to say, mi hermano was convinced and wanted to buy the Starter Pack.

Of course he wanted the family discount so I gave him the coupon code that I’ll give to you too.


If you sign up now you can use that code to get 30% OFF any of the Fluency Fox Packs. (Excluding the Teacher Pack)

If you want to buy a Babble Fish, I’m sure Hogwarts has something tucked away on the upper shelf in the back corner, but if so, Please, don’t bother signing up and using the coupon code as this offer is for serious language learners only.



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