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I’m so excited that you have made the commitment to taking the Spanish you’ve learned and making it the Spanish you’ve always wanted!

Take a minute and review this as it will greatly enhance your experience with the Fluency Fox Interface.

We are continually working towards giving language learners the best experience we possibly can, so here’s an update to get you motivated and to give you some additional insights into the Fluency Fox Interface so that you can maximize your Spanish learning.

Let’s start on the Profile page:

  1. You can choose an image avatar (or not) to upload that will appear when the student role play audio and text is happening so that your experience is customized in that way.

2.   The quizzes are defaulted to play during the chapter lesson, however, you can select to have the quizzes come at the end if that is your preference.  (This helps for example when you want to listen to the dialogue from start to finish without the pop up quizzes playing in the middle of the dialogue.)

3.   You can turn off the quiz timer if you choose so as to not be rushed while deciding which answer is correct.

Next, let’s have a look at the Fluency Fox Interactive Player:

First off there are the 3 distinct sections that you can choose depending on your learning preference: The Story Overview, the Vocabulary and Grammar Structures Preview and the Story Dialogue (with the quizzes;-)

In the Starter Pack, the Story Overview has the on screen content rich image with a read through of the story in English.  This gives you a first look at what the dialogue will cover and allow you to move through the story with greater ease.  The Premium Pack has an additional read through first in Spanish, then in English and then again in Spanish (but read by a different native speaker so that you get additional exposure to Spanish as spoken from multiple native speakers.  It can also serve as a great review if you have missed a few days of practice and need a refresher).

The optional Vocabulary and Grammar Structures Section will give you the important Vocabulary and Grammar structures introduced in that chapter and helps break down the new material before it is introduced in context during the dialogue.

The Story Dialogue is the heart of the program meaning it is where the story is told in statements and questions are asked about story details.  The Fluency Fox Player features are of exceptional benefit throughout this section and make your experience what you want.

In the Starter Pack, there is a tennis “volley” sound after each question to prompt you to respond before the student role play.  This sound is not audible throughout the Premium Pack.

As you will notice there are interactive player button features that allow you to control how you interact with the story.

For example:  Story statements are generally said twice so that you can listen the first time for comprehension and during the second read through you should try and mentally or verbally “shadow” (repeat) what the instructor says.  This will greatly enhance your verbal proficiency.  If, however, you choose not to you can simply press the fast forward button and move on through the dialogue.  It’s always up to you!

At this point, I will only talk about the key button features that you may not be familiar with so as to return you to your Spanish learning.

If you need the English translation then the select “Two Languages” and you have both languages at your disposal synced with the Spanish audio.

The SLOW button will slow the rate of speech down so that if you can have more time to process what is being said.  You can press is at anytime on or off as needed.  ( Don’t be hesitant to use it if the speakers seem to be speaking too quickly.  Soon you will have the repetitions you need to have full comprehension at normal conversational speed.)

The LOOP button will fully play through a “chat box” and then repeat it over as long as the LOOP button is activated.  Again, it is there for your convenience and should be used when needed.

That should do it for now as you will discover how the FF Player features best suit your needs.

I will add one additional comment as it is something that is not easily recognized at the on set.

After you complete a chapter and it is registered in your profile, there are 3 icons (2 on the left of the chapter number and 1 to the right).  The icon to the farthest left is your progress completion for that chapter.  The next is your quiz score out of 30 ( 10 points max. per quiz/ 3 quizzes per chapter) and the icon to the right of the chapter number is the Fluency Fox logo that indicates that you have earned a bonus for performing well on that chapter’s quizzes.  If you select the icon you will be taken to a short bonus section that might consist of a joke in Spanish, some Spanish word types, or Spanish proverbs/sayings, etc.  (We will continually be updating and changing the Bonuses in the future.)

If you have any questions, please contact us as our purpose is to serve.  The Fluency Fox program is for you and we want to do all we can to assist you in achieving your Spanish language learning goals.


Sí Se Puede

Enjoy y Buena Suerte!



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