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After that first magical moment when I realized I really could learn to speak Spanish and was “Hooked” forever, some years later, I did what any passionate teacher and learner would do: I put together the research with experience and came up with the fastest and most effective way to speak Spanish.

But I didn’t stop there.

I also looked at the evolving world and recognized that technology was going to have a huge role.

Sitting in classrooms with expensive tuition and books along with everyone’s busy schedules made it perfectly clear. .  so I took what I knew worked best and combined it with the technology everyone has access to all the time.

It wasn’t easy but with the help of many people I finally put the best of both worlds into the most effective researched and experienced based Spanish conversational learning program you can use anywhere and at any time.
That’s Fluency Fox.

But there is a catch. . .
Fluency Fox is not for everyone.

For example, if you already confidently hold your own with a native speaker or are about to get there, then Light Speed Spanish is what you need.  They do an awesome job refining specific points of grammar and are fun and a great resource for anyone on the Spanish language learning journey.  Please check out their You Tube  channel!

Or if you’re brand new to Spanish, there are numerous free resources to start you off with the bare beginner basics.

Fluency Fox is for people at the advanced beginner or low intermediate level in Spanish that want to quickly move from there and go solidly into the intermediate conversational level.

My epiphany was that what I could do best was to offer specific Spanish instruction so Spanish learners can meaningfully interact with Spanish speakers.

Would you like to do that?

If so, check out the infographic and discover the cornerstones of language learning that will make your dream a reality.

I’ve explained it in further detail below the infographic. Check it out and let me know what you think.


P.S. Mañana I want to show you a few hidden benefits that being an intermediate independent user of Spanish will give you, benefits that you probably don’t know even exist.  Look for that email mañana.

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